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As a business owner and organization, every additional IT system is one too many to maintain. That's why we have developed a fully ERP integrated eCommerce platform that saves both you and your customers time.

So you have more resources to grow your business instead of endlessly maintaining IT systems

ERP driven e-commerce

Thanks to the ERP connection, all necessary info is automatically imported into your webshop. And online orders are immediately forwarded to the ERP system where they can be processed as usual.

Discover the benefits of our ERP connected e-commerce!

Webshop for consumers

Webshop experiences as they should be.

Easy navigation, up to date article information from the ERP and worry free checkout as main drivers for conversion!


Discover our B2C features!

Ordering platform for professionals

Professional customers have different expectations than individuals regarding online ordering.

An online catalog that displays personalized pricing arrangements and discounts is of paramount importance in this regard. After all, your customer wants to be able to order online on the same terms they are used to from your company.

In addition, the speed to order contributes to a positive experience. Payment by invoice is extremely helpful in this regard.


Discover our B2B solutions

B2C and B2B as a hybrid solution?

You sell both privately and professionally and want to make this possible on the same platform

Marcando is the way to go! 

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Our ERP integrations

Marcando is out of the box integrated with some of the leading ERP systems for SMEs.
Our integrations were developed in collaboration with these partners:

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