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Marcando integrates your ERP and e-commerce seamlessly. 
Our platform is the solution for smooth B2B and B2C online sales.

Our ERP integrations are invaluable

Avoid duplication of work

Thanks to our ERP integrations, duplicate data entry becomes a thing of the past. Manage orders, inventory, and customer information directly from your familiar ERP, without complex adjustments.

Smart inventory syncing

Automatic inventory synchronization keeps your store in line with your warehouse. This means fewer errors and more satisfied customers.

Customer-specific terms

With our ERP integration, you take control of your online catalog. Choose which products are visible, with customer-specific terms and prices directly from your ERP system.

use cases

Marcando in action

More than 150 customers use Marcando for this:

Ordering platform

Speed up the order process and let your customers place their orders in just a few clicks.

Integrated webshop

Automatically track the sales and inventory of your products in your ERP package.

Online catalog

Relieve your office staff with an always up-to-date online catalog.

Customer portal

All sales information in one place. Customers see their order history, can reorder and manage their data themselves.

Representatives module

Empower your sales team to sell better with actionable insights and easy access to (customer) information—always up-to-date with the ERP!

Business and private platform

Manage both B2B and B2C sales in one platform. Adjust offers by customer segment and keep an overview.

b2b features

Maximum efficiency,
Minimal hassle

Marcando brings the customer-supplier relationship online with these smart B2B features

Centralize your online catalog and orders

Marcando makes it easier than ever to oversee and control your product offerings and orders.

Open/closed catalog

Protect sensitive information with a closed catalog or maximize visibility with an open catalog that is accessible to everyone.

Hide prices

Decide who sees your prices. Perfect for B2B sales where prices are only visible after logging in, giving you full control over your pricing strategy.

Historical data & documents

Stay organized with easy access to all order history and associated documents. Customers can view their own purchase history and make repeat purchases.


Speed up the ordering process and reduce the risk of errors. Customers place orders directly within the system, which are then forwarded to the ERP. This ensures smooth processing and on-time delivery.

Serve your business customers effortlessly online

Create personalized experiences for your B2B customers.

Customer segments

Create customized catalogs for each of your customer segments with customer-specific pricing. This ensures a personalized shopping experience that aligns with their unique demands and preferences.

Visibility rules

Set rules for what everyone can see and buy. Work with coins to hide exact prices and add an approval flow so that you, as the main buyer, remain in control.

Quick order

Speed up the ordering process with the option to place orders via an Excel upload or use a barcode scanner for quick and error-free entry.

Quotation to order flow

Let customers easily request quotes that are processed internally by the office staff or representatives, and made available again afterwards.

Customizable storefront where you can find everything quickly

Give your customers an optimal shopping experience with an easy-to-navigate storefront.

High-performance search function

Easily search and find products thanks to an extensive search function that filters all available information, from EAN to customer-specific article codes.

Choose from templates or design your own site/shop

Tailor your online store with our templates or take it to the next level by designing your own unique storefront. This allows you to design the site as you wish, alongside your Marcando shop.

Customer-specific catalogs

'The catalog' grows with your customers. Catalogs automatically adjust based on purchase history, helping returning customers find their favorites faster.

Logical search flow

Your ERP information enhances the search function of your webshop. With categories and properties directly imported from your ERP, your customers can quickly find what they are looking for. Missing data? Add it effortlessly.

Advanced insights

Refine your sales strategy with advanced sales data insights.

Local support

Our support team is here to help you with any challenge.

User Management and Permissions

Set access rights for team members for maximum data security.

Buy vs Build: Make the Right Choice

Do you not have the right skills to build your own webshop yourself? Marcando is specifically designed for SMEs that want to start selling online quickly and carefree without IT knowledge.

No IT knowledge required
Not a long, expensive process
Ready to move in
From a simple shop to an extensive website
key results

The results speak for themselves

Marcando impresses. These impressive figures also prove that.


cost reduction

when processing orders with existing customers


fewer calls

for sales support


million euro

turnover facilitated thanks to Marcando


happier customers

Ready to sell smarter?

Get more out of your online store with Marcando. Discover how our platform can improve your online sales processes today.

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