Support your sales team with our ERP-linked representatives module. This gives them access to a focus dashboard, scheduled client visits, linked orders, and outstanding invoices.

Efficient daily planning
Customer data always at hand
No more ERP access required

Empower your business with a representatives module

Increase the efficiency of your sales team.

Efficient daily planning

Optimize your representatives' daily planning with a clear dashboard. Plan visits based on priority, location, and route.

Customer data always at hand

Give your representatives direct access to all relevant customer information. This allows them to have more informed conversations and sell more efficiently.

No more ERP access required

Provide your representatives with all the information they need without separate ERP access. All data is automatically synchronized, so your team is always up to date.

Product Overview

Boost je online verkoop met ERP integratie en zakelijke features

Ontdek hoe Marcando je verkoopproces automatiseert, vereenvoudigt én versterkt.

Bedien je zakelijke klanten met gemak online

Geef B2B-klanten een gepersonaliseerde online shopervaring met onder meer klantspecifieke tarieven.

Integratie met jouw ERP

Marcando is plug & play gekoppeld met jouw ERP voor realtime synchronisatie van relevante informatie.

Manage betalingen & verzendingen

Automatiseer betalings- en verzendprocessen voor efficiëntere verwerking en fouten te verminderen.

Centraliseer je online cataloog en bestellingen

Beheer je productportfolio en klantbestellingen vanuit één centrale plek.

For whom?

Beneficial for every user

Everyone benefits from Marcando, both internally and externally.

End customer

Through our self-service platform, customers can place orders independently, view the catalog and optionally view the real-time inventory status.

“Two of my suppliers happen to work with a Marcando shop. In addition to placing orders, I also find what I need very quickly, when I need it.”

Business manager

Increase operational efficiency with fewer resources. Marcando automates and simplifies sales processes, so you need fewer employees for the same work.

“With Marcando, I can do more with less. My office staff is relieved of repetitive work and my representatives serve their customers more efficiently so that they can look for new customers.”

Office staff

Marcando automates administrative tasks, reducing errors. This allows office staff to spend more time on customer service than on paperwork.

“Thanks to Marcando, I don't have to manually transfer data from one system to another. Moreover, orders are entered immediately, and I can easily confirm everything after a short check.”


The Marcando representatives module helps your sales team organize their day. With actionable insights into customer-specific sales, back orders and invoices, your representatives are better prepared and can sell more efficiently.

“With a CRM that is linked to our ERP, I can quickly access all essential information for a customer visit. Additionally, all my processed orders are immediately forwarded, enabling faster service for my customers.”

Ready to sell smarter?

Get more out of your online store with Marcando. Discover how our platform can improve your online sales processes today.

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