Smoother sales for every ambition

Marcando moves your e-commerce forward on multiple fronts. Find out how our platform can improve your sales process.

End customer

Through our self-service platform, customers can place orders independently, view the catalog and optionally view the real-time inventory status.

Business manager

Increase operational efficiency with fewer resources. Marcando automates and simplifies sales processes, so you need fewer employees for the same work.


The Marcando representatives module helps your sales team organize their day. With actionable insights into customer-specific sales, back orders and invoices, your representatives are better prepared and can sell more efficiently.

Office staff

Marcando automates administrative tasks, reducing errors. This allows office staff to spend more time on customer service than on paperwork.

Ready to sell smarter?

Get more out of your online store with Marcando. Discover how our platform can improve your online sales processes today.

Key results

The results speak for themselves

Marcando impresses. These impressive figures also prove that.


cost reduction

when processing orders with existing customers


fewer calls

for sales support


million euro

turnover facilitated thanks to Marcando


happier customers

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