6 reasons for starting an ERP connected shop/ordering platform


B2B e-commerce, web shops, ordering platforms, portals and so on. Lately, you can't open a magazine without these terms flying around your ears. 

It may well have whetted your appetite for a web shop, but do you link it to your ERP system or not?

In this article we give you 6 reasons why we think it is a better idea to use the data from your ERP to successfully launch your webshop and to really start using it as a tool to make your organization more efficient.

1) Additional sales channel without new branches and large investments.

When starting a webshop, you can basically start expanding your sales unlimitedly on a geographic scale. This without having to open any physical locations with the associated large investments. Met de juiste SEO en SEA kan je wereldwijd jouw publiek bereiken.

2) Fast onboarding thanks to the data in your ERP!

If your e-commerce platform is out-of-the-box ERP linked, then you can actually start shaping your webshop/ordering platform from the power of your ERP data very quickly with items, prices and relationships.

This also immediately ensures that all your customers see their personalized prices. Uiteraard is dit enkel van toepassing indien jouw complexe prijsafspraken ook worden gesynchroniseerd vanuit jouw ERP pakket naar het e-commerce platform.

3) Lower administrative tasks and win time!

By implementing an ERP linked shop/ordering platform, your customers will have the ability to enter their orders themselves on the shop. 

These orders, in turn, are immediately forwarded to the ERP package. This eliminates the time you or your staff must take to type into the ERP package the orders that normally come in by mail/telephone. So a huge time saver!

4) Increase your accessibility to your customers.

Physical stores = fixed opening hours.

Fortunately, you are not bound by this with an online ordering platform or webshop. These are accessible to your customers 24/7 and allow them to place orders at any time of day and from any device. Daarenboven synchroniseren deze bestellingen meteen met jouw ERP, wat ervoor zorgt dat je binnen je organisatie meteen kan beginnen met de levering!

5) Promote new articles.

New items in your range? When creating these products in your ERP, they can immediately be synchronized with your webshop, so they are immediately online when created (and approved for publication).. Daarnaast kan je bij sommige e-commerce platformen deze nieuwigheden meteen in de kijker zetten via een productcarrousel.

6) Lower the margin of error and improve efficiency.

By moving the order input from your staff to your customers, you avoid a lot of questions and/or comments from any and all possible errors. These can easily arise when taking an order over the phone due to a misunderstanding or via a typo on a mail order.

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